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B01 - Star Connectors B02 - Gingerbread Kids
Made in safe soft material, easy to handle, Each piece 12cm across and come in assorted colors.
Made in soft material with 5 bright colors.
Each piece 7.5cm tall. For ages from 3 years.
B03 - Multi Blocks B04 - Rabbit
10 different shapes including the wheel, made in safe soft material with bright colors. For ages from 2 years.
Made inunbreakable soft plastic.
Each piece 7.6*7.6cm. For ages from 2 years.
B05 - Waffle Blocks B06 - Large Connecting Fish
Made in safe bendable material in bright colors.
Each piece 9.5*9.5cm. For ages from 2 years.
Made in soft material, Each piece 11*11cm with 4 notches, can be connected in any direction. For ages from 2 years.
B07 - Junior Engineer Set B08 - Linking Cubes
Young builders will enjoy creating new toys with the pieces in the building set. For age from 5 years.
Made in strong, safe, durable plastics and come in bright colors. Each Piece 2*2cm.
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